COCREA is more than a brand, it is a commitment, a path, a vision, a liveable possibility: to go beyond one’s ego, especially in difficult moments, while keeping connected with what’s important to us.
It is an opportunity to connect with oneself and with others with awareness, free from our ego’s automatic defensive patterns, and experiment a new dimension in which collective intelligence goes beyond the individual. It is a space in which, aware of our qualities and resources and inspired by our most profound aspirations, we are in tune with the future we wish to create. By inspiring others to do the same, a context of co-creation comes into being, beyond our ego.

Originating in Claire Nuer’s work of the 1990s, the COCREA methodology is based on more than 30 years of experience. It is a structured process dedicated to the individual, to teams and to organisations as a whole, with workshops combined with personal and business coaching. For more information, contact us on


“Joy was the most powerful result. Joy to find oneself in a group that performs at the highest international levels and manages to achieve even more, making terms such as ‘commitment’, ‘agreement’ and ‘goal’ tangible. 
Joy in discovering that one is not alone. Joy in the will, energy, determination and courage to face challenges, something that transforms the point of arrival into a point of departure. Joy is contagious, polarising the environment, allowing us to look to the future with true leadership and with a capability to create what we really want”.

Pietro Polidori, Vice President & Managing Director IDT EMEA

“Control, reasoning, power-oriented techniques. Constantly on the defensive, my first fear was in exposing myself, saying something stupid, alienating other people or loosing advantage in a negotiation. An infinite waste of energy. I then discovered that I had emotions and I began to use them as sources of information. My emotional awareness made me a more efficient and happier person. Now I live the value and the power of co-creation every day, that is, by letting go of my expectations and going beyond my fear, first and foremost of the judgement of others, then everything happens as it should”.

Neil Janin, Director Emeritus at McKinsey & Company

“Commitment is fundamental as it encourages us to look into and discover the original pain that brought us to develop our ego, our ‘winning formula’: attack or defence. Feeling it, reliving it, gaining awareness of it, leads us to powers we were unconscious of having, such as the power of responsibility, understood in its original meaning: the ability to respond”.

Arrigo Berni, Chairman Moleskine

“Beauty is important and happiness is even more important: beautiful things come into being when one is happy. I learned through Personal Mastery that if we are unclear and unaware of what a state of wellbeing means, it is very difficult to create, through the products I create, a state of wellbeing in others”.

Barbara Cimmino, Head of Product, Inticom spa

“In order to reach my objectives, awareness is a keyword that makes it harder for me to make excuses and react in an automatic way when I become aware that I am avoiding problems and not doing what I want to do. Yes, what I want to do. Because the point is that we actually create obstacles on our own. Becoming aware of this is not pleasant. But it simplifies life, as it accelerates decisions, thus allowing us to make a commitment to create what it is we really want.

Federico De Nardis, CEO of SSA for GroupM

“Commitment and sharing in order to build the context I want. I learned that being clear on roles and responsibilities limits the abuse of power or the ability to take advantage of another person, allowing me to find agreements on game rules.
I profoundly believe that a model of participation can change the world, because there will always be a time when we fall, but if we commit to be present with our qualities and different points of view, we will get back up again”.

Francesca Salotto, Owner Framis SPA

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